Wednesday, August 28, 2013

12 Steps to wear a Yukata

In general a Yukata is a Japanese traditional clothing which is considered as a Summer Kimono or a Casual Kimono. 

Yukata can be worn by Men and Women, and Children. 

You can find people wearing Yukatas at the Japanese Festivals all over the country.

If you are interested in Japanese culture, this is a great skill to learn.

Here we go~

 Step 1

 Choose or find your favorite Yukata

 Step 2

 Put on the Yukata. Flip the long sleeves back over your arms, so that they won't be in your way.

 Step 3

 While one hand is holding both sides of the fabric together in  front of your body, try to locate the center line of the garment  (where the fabrics are sewed together)on the back of your body  using the other hand. Fix the garment to the center.

 Step 4

 Open up the garment and pull it up to the ankle level.

 Step 5

 Bring the left side of the garment to the front and decide the  length and width

 Step 6

 Open up the left side while keeping the length and bring the  right side to the front. Decide the length. Bottom corner of the  right side of the garment should be about 4" from the ground.

 Step 7

 Keep the right side garment and bring the left side on top of  it.  Decide the length. The bottom corner of the left side  garment  should be about 2" from the ground.

 Step 8

 Use Koshi-Himo and tie the garment around the waist. Make sure  to  tie tightly to avoid the garment getting loose. Tack  the Koshi- Himo in.

 Step 9

 Find the side pockets, stick both hands, and pull the extra  fabric over Koshi-Himo. Make sure to do the front and the back.  *This layer around the waist is called Ohashori. Ohashori is  supposed to show below the Obi.

 Step 10

 Fix the shape of Ohashori and tie the second Koshi-Himo right  below the bust. This one does not have to be as tight as the  first one. Tack the Koshi-Himo ends in.

 Step 11

 If you are slim build, you may have extra fabric on the side of  the upper body. At the side pockets, pull the back fabric to the  front and the pull back the front fabric over it to hide the  extra fabric. This will make a clean side look.

 Step 12

 And now you are done! Make sure to Tie an Obi around the waist  for the complete Yukata look.

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