Friday, January 10, 2014



Boring day.....Boring classes........Boring lectures.........*phone vibrates* (Yes my phone is on silent so I put on vibration) Oh it's my mom...... "Christmas got off for a week or no? We want to go to Singapore."

Let's see......Singapore.......What can I do there? Well normally if I'd think every plans out. Nothing I can do there. BUT on the bright side, my friends are there now (Kazoku gang). So it's settled then and I just went out of the class and called my mom and explain everything. Result.....YES I'm going to Singapore. Not just for my friends but also for this one particular guy~

25th December 2013

So today is the day eh? Let's see.....Clothes, checked. Shoes, checked. Tech device, checked (Yes I need my devices....). Then I started to wait for my parents to pick me up so while waiting I could on my Personal Computer (PC) awhile. Just checking my Facebook and so on..... Nothing interest me much.....

*vibration* Oh my phone, *looks* it's the kazoku gang... Oh they're asking when I'll reach to Singapore. Shiro (The leader) sounded drunk when Akeno (his "soon-to-be wife") said she couldn't go out. He's super sad I can sense that. They're always together. So then the rest just kept on asking about my arrival in Singapore. I just told them I'll be late that's all. *puts phone away*

*vibration again* Oh shoot! It's my mom! "Come down now".... Ok that was random..... That's my mother to you :)

So I bid my roommate goodbye and I told her I'll be back on Saturday or Sunday. Then I went off on my journey to Singapore. Well thanks to the device I brought I can use internet in the car since my phone has no data plan. So I've been chatting in the Kazoku whatsapp group most of the time and chatting with the guy I loved <3

"Riko we'll be visiting my old friend. Remember Auntie Yong?"

"Not really."

Auntie Yong......Ah now I remembered! With uncle no thumb! I love them so much~ They're like the coolest people! So yeah my parents went to this mall and bought some ingredients to cook. Yup and we're finished out shopping spree for ingredients! :D

So we reached Auntie Yong's place and I went in the house like normal till my dad said "A Rottweiler". WTF WHERE?!?!?!!! *Looks to my left and saw a huge doggie looking at me* OHMAIFCKINGGAWDIT'SACUTEDOGGIE!!!!!! So we had our dinner (yes dinner time already when we reached there) with Auntie Yong and her husband. Then my parents start talking with them and I as usual nothing to do.... So I stare at the dog and the dog stare at me. Then oh lookie at the time! My parents bid farewell and head to Singapore.

Once we reached the outskirt of the kastam, we saw how long it is. So yeah we just went along with it. So finally we've reached Singapore and it was late at night. I was thinking of texting my boyfie. But instead my mom forgotten to put a roaming for my phone. Great just great! Now I'll have to wait till I reach my aunt's house then. Since there has got WiFi for me to Whatsapp him.

Then we reached my aunt's house and to see my niece sat there at the stairs there waiting for me. A small smile came upon my face knowing she still loves me no matter how long we didn't with each other. So went to unpack everything and so on. Then I finally get to chat with my boyfie after reaching Singapore xD


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